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  1. I think it’s wonderful that you chose to be a full-time mother to your daughter. Wonderful for both of you! Life is full of choices and being a full-time mother is one of the most important ones.Thank you for visiting and following my blog.

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    1. that is so true, being a full time mother is one of the most important choice a mother could have. after losing my son, all I would want to tell every mom out there is go out and hug your kids. one could never imagine the feelings of wanting to hug their child who could never be there anymore. and if I can go back in time I will forget all the jobs I took to be with my son and hold his hand and laugh with him and watch all his performances at school. I felt so stupid missing so much of them because of job. Congratulations for choosing to be with your daughter!

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      1. Thank you so much dear… If you don’t mind, what happened with your son… If you don’t feel comfortable answering it, just ignore i even asked… Very sorry to hear about your loss.. My hearty condolences😢

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      2. Thank you. No it’s alright talking about him. I lost my son three years ago to drunk driving. He will be turning 21 then, eldest of the five.. I came from an alcoholic family and obviously it pass on with my children. I have no idea when he started drinking, I was so busy with my job when he was growing up and never notice anything until I saw how drunk he could become when he enters college. To deal with the pain, I write that eventually lead me to publishinng my first book The Booze Stole My Son (don’t let it steal yours). One of the most difficult I had to endure is the guilt over not being around most of the time with him and that is why I am happy with Moms choosing to stay with their kids. I just do the same after losing him. I’m happy to find you here.

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      3. oh my god!!! Very sorry to hear this dear.This is one of the main reasons i decided to take a hiatus from my career and take care of my daughter.I think we chase our dreams to give a better life with more facilities,to our kids eventually compromising on the most essential part of – Upbringing. Life is a teacher that teaches you the lesson the hard way.

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      4. yes that is so true. I wish no more Moms would have to feel the way I did. That is also the reason I become very active on the information dessimination about the disease of alcoholism.In this way I am able to find the purpose of what happen to us.

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  2. Every child makes the world new again! I stayed home with my five, in spite of some lean years, then went to work when they all went to college at once. Now, in my old age I write books and blogs and enjoy my 5 grandkids. Thanks for the follow

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  3. I’m a grandma now but your blog brings back many good memories. I remember, though, that one day, when my youngest was 3, heard myself singing Sesame Street songs and wondered what happened to all those love songs I used to sigh over. Then realized that “Sunny days, sleeping the time away…” is a love song in itself 🙂

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  4. Good for you! We were lucky enough–well, poor enough–that our kids got only about a year of daycare when they were toddlers. We did the rest before and after, and I wouldn’t change my relationship with my kids for anything in the world now that they’ve grown!

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  5. Those early years are so vital. However, the job is not done. I’ve worked with older children who have not had your daughter’s benefits. It is a tough job and I wish you well. Enjoy it as it flies by so quickly and it is a great gift.

    Thank you for following one of my blogs. Lea

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    1. I know what i am doing is important but your message has shown me the significance my decision would make on my angel’s life.. Thank you for making me feel so good and helping me realize that i should cherish each moment of this precious time.. 😀😘😍

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      1. Treasure each moment, they pass so quickly and some faster than others. While I have grown children, there was one, who will always be a tiny infant. But she is ever in my heart.

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  6. Being a mom is the most challenging jobs you will ever have and the time flies faster than you can imagine. Kudos to you for making your kids a priority. Your blog looks awesome, especially for new and young parents. Keep up the good work. Also, thank you for stopping by the Cow Pasture and welcome to the fence jumpers!
    @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

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