The inspiration behind this post are, all those people who feel they don’t need kids in their life. Nowadays a new trend is picking up “Double Income No Kids”. Under this trend both the husband and wife strive hard to double the income of their family, leading a good and luxurious life without shouldering the responsibility of any kids.

Double Income No Kids

Many people believe a child becomes a road block in the advancement of their career. Either of the parent has to take care of the baby or even if you avail services of maids and day care, it adds to the expenses of the family.

I hereby want to share my thoughts on why a child is important for every family;

  1. The feeling of being a parent completes you. In the book of life there are various chapters’ being a child, teenager, employee, employer, parent and old age. If you fail to experience parenthood you are surely missing on a very important chapter of your life.

    Stages of life

While sitting on a rocking chair after your retirement you will surely feel some                         emptiness  and would miss the joy this chapter could have given you.

  1. When your little angel hugs and kisses you after coming back home and says “mommy I Missed You” it gives immense pleasure. Someone is waiting for you with so much love.nk2.jpg
  2. A child teaches us the power of PATIENCE. Being a parent you have to drown in the sea of patience. You have to tolerate their mistakes, their stupidities, unending talks etc. You can’t snap at them every now and then because if they start crying you only have to console them.

    Being a parent you have to master the art of Patience
  3. A child teaches us the importance of SELFLESSNESS. After being a parent you always will keep your child’s needs above yours. It comes naturally to all the parents. You want to take all the pains and shower all the happiness in the world on to your child. A parent forgets their sickness if their child is unwell. Whether I take my medicines or not that is secondary but I have to take care of every little comfort of my child.

    Parents forget their pains looking at the pain of their child
  4. After a point it becomes boring to live for your own self. It is a very fulfilling feeling to take care of some little angel, who is completely dependent on you, and loves no matter which mood you are in.
  5. At the dawn of life there would be someone to take care of you also. Old age becomes fun when you have young grand kids playing around you.

    Life with grand kids


Being a parent I request every couple to have kids. It is the greatest joy in the world.

Life is beautiful with kids