In today’s times the god has put rationing on birth of babies which is evident with the rise of infertility clinics.

God must have decided to send less children on earth because he very well knows that everyone in here is very BUSY.

This article is written to help parents understand the perspective of their kids.

Let us have a look at the world from the eyes of a toddler;

  • From the time she opens up her beautiful little eyes she sees everyone running. Running behind different things, but always in motion. The mother and the nurse are the sole care takers of this little angel. In earlier times the entire family used to pamper the children, but nowadays everyone is living in a nuclear set up and are alone.t2
  • Once they reach home the mother is busy with her household chores, work, and social life. Daddy gives a guest appearance every now and then. She is left alone to play by herself. Had she stayed with her aunts, uncles or grandparents she would have been spoilt rotten. She would have been tired playing with all the different members of the family.
  • She tries to grab everyone’s attention by shouting and crying. A way to call people to come and join her, but this act of hers only further irritates her mother & father.

    Crying can also be a way of grabbing attention.
  • Parents are always so tried with managing their financial and social requirements that at the end of the day they do not have any energy left to spent some quality time with their toddlers.
  • Since the mother too has to join work she either settles the baby with a nanny or sends her to day care.
  • Parents think that their children will be well kept in these daycares. They will learn good manners, have friends and enjoy their time over there. Please do not forget that if you as a biological parent have no time to raise the baby, how can you expect someone else to love them as their own?
  • No one can replace the importance of a father and mother in a child’s life. They see strangers taking care of them when they need their own people.
  • A toddler thinks we already have everything we need to live so why are all running after more? The world we live in is suffering with the PROBLEM OF PLENTY. Everyone has everything but they still want more.
  • Her world is filled with toys. Parents often complain that today’s kids do not play with toys. Kids do not want toys they want people to play with them.

    I do not want toys i want mumma & daddy:((
  • All the kids are nowadays attracted towards gadgets like tablets, mobile phones and television set, the reason behind this is they are simply imitating their elders. They see no one is playing with toys or coloring figures but they spend most of the time on gadgets so they also are attracted towards them.

    Everyone is busy with gadgets
  • Kids are lacking empathy,sympathy,love and affection. The reason being they are being raised by those who have absolutely no interest in developing their personality. They are just a means of earning money for them (caretakers). This has lead to an increase in all anti social activities in the society.


We all have everything we need to survive so why chase for more.  Our kids need us and our time. Please compromise your personal ambitions for the betterment of your children (atleast till the time they grow old to take care of themselves).

Please remember if the kids land up in daycares today then tomorrow we will land up in old age homes.

Please have children only if you can take care of them.Do not rely on others to raise your child for you. Society needs good citizens and not criminals. The onus is on everyone.2cb6823c975ee09b0d93e071c71c86d5