Being pregnant is the greatest gift for a woman. One should cherish each and every moment during this period. Apart from all the joys, there are several things which each pregnant lady should follow in order to deliver a healthy baby;

  1. You should take all the vitamins (as prescribed by your doctor), at correct times. These multivitamins tablets like iron, calcium and folic acid provide lot of nutrients to the baby as well as the mother.

    Take your multivitamins without fail.
  2. Try and avoid watching action movies. Anxiety and violence can have negative effects on the child.
  3. Try and avoid noisy places. Sounds at high decibels can be dangerous for the health of the child.

    Just relax.
  4. Do not smoke or take drugs. If possible try and avoid alcohol too.
  5. Stop eating foods containing sauces, MSG, frozen stuff etc. Try and eat healthy and fresh food.
  6. BE ACTIVE. Unless until you have be recommended bed rest by your doctor, be as active as you can be. Active mothers deliver active babies.

    Always be active.
  7. Try and avoid going out of your home after dark. This could be dangerous if you slip or flip over something, as the surroundings might not be well lighted up.
  8. Try and pray at least once a day. It gives lot of positive energy to both the child and the mother.

    Praying renders lot of positive energy.
  9. Keep yourself busy by reading good and informative books.
  10. Always be alert while you are walking. A single mistake of yours can cost you dearly for the entire life.
  11. Do not lift heavy objects.
  12. Try to keep travelling to minimum.
  13. Be happy and cheerful. Your baby can feel you completely, so the happier you are the happiest your child would be.

    Try and be happy during pregnancy.
  14. Take ample rest. Pregnancy can be tiring, especially in the final trimester. If you are well rested you will feel less fatigue.
  15. Try and avoid consuming unpasteurized milk products.
  16. Do not sit in a hot tub or sauna. The heat of the atmosphere can be very dangerous for the baby.
  17. Take small meals at regular intervals. This will keep you energetic the entire day without feeling bloated.

    Take small meals instead of one heavy meal.