The role of fathers have always been under rated in our society. Mothers have always enjoyed comparatively more importance, more or less a godly status. Role of father is nowhere less than a mother in developing a child’s personality.

Daddy playing with his son!!!

Below mentioned are the most important contributions of a father;

  1. Fathers are role model for their children

If a father is co-operative and social in the society his children are likely to follow the similar foot steps. If he has a dominant personality being aggressive, abusive, ill-mannered then there are greater chances of children being just like him. Children start feeling that this the correct way of behaving in the society.

  1. Father is an anchor of the family

Fathers provide stability in lives of children. They help in creating a stronger        foundation in shaping the characters of their children.

A father is an anchor of the family.
  1. When parents enjoy a happy and healthy relationship, then kids tend to be more cheerful and receptive to new surroundings.

    Father is equally important for a child.
  1. Fathers are good disciplinarians.
  1. Daughters who are close to their fathers tend to find similar characteristics in their spouses. They feel they will enjoy a similar relationship with their spouses as well.
  1. The importance of fathers and mothers is irreplaceable and cannot be inter changed. A child-father relationship is always different from a child-mother relationship.

    No one can replace a father in a child’s life not even a mother!
  1. A father and mother complete the world for a child. In some cases when the child is uncomfortable talking about a certain problem to their mothers, they usually look for solutions from their dads.
  1. In the current changing times in which mothers are equally busy in their work life as the fathers, the latter has started enjoying more time nursing the children then they usually did.

    In today’s changing times fathers enjoy closer relationship with children
  1. A loving father will raise a loving and responsible child.
  1. When a father accepts the child for what they are without changing them, then the kids become more mature and sensitive individuals.

    Father loving his child

On this father’s day, we will thank all the fathers for being what they are. Thank you for always being there and being the wall which protected us from all the storms.