This post is specially created for pregnant ladies and new mothers.

The life which you were living until now is going to change forever. After delivering your baby, you as a mother will also take a rebirth. Many mothers-to-be do not know what to expect post delivering a baby, below mentioned are some of the changes which every new mother experiences;

  1. Being a mother means SACRIFICE. You have to sacrifice everything you love for your child.                                                                                                                                                             q11
  2. The first and foremost luxury which will be taken away from you – Sleep. Till your child is 4-5 months old, she will be very demanding and will not let you sleep. You will only sleep in installments entire day and night.
  3. Your entire day will comprise of three activities feeding, cleaning (urine or stools) and household chores.
  4. The baby will sleep every two hours. When she is awake she will keep you occupied with feeding and cleaning. When she will sleep you will love to sleep too. Till the time you feel drowsy and are on the verge of sleeping she will get up and you will be on your toes again.
  5. Your friends will no longer be interested in you because whenever you will meet them you will only discuss about your baby. They will not be keen to listen to all this baby talk.
  6. Forget about having a nice shower. As soon as you step in the bathroom, the baby will wake up. Till the time you are taking a shower she will keep on crying at the top of her voice in-spite of having all her favorite toys near her. When you will rush out of the quick shower she will be quite again.
  7. The above situation will be repeated even when you feel the need to answer nature’s call.
  8. Forget enjoying a peaceful meal. Every time you will be hungry so will be your baby. You will always have to rush through your meals.

    Finish your meals quickly.
  9. Every time your child cries inconsolably you will feel something is surely wrong with her. When you will reach her doctor, 7 out of 10 times the doctor will say everything is fine. It is just colic, just take her for a stroll or something similar.
  10. You will be peed, pooped and puked upon several times.

    This can happen with any mother
  11. You will always have to be very very very careful with the baby. A small accident like falling from the bed may cause permanent brain damage (in some cases), or breastfeeding a child while sleeping can lead to choking the child under your breast and so on. Even a small thing can cause huge future damage.
  12. Each day you will feel you are “THE WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD” but don’t worry you are not. Every mother feels like you but mothers are always the angels of god who take care of his little children.
  13. No matter how much help you get from your husband, maid, mother or a friend, a mother will always remain a mother. Your child will only look for you and your presence.
  14. Husbands have to go to work and will enjoy movies, parties and get-togethers. It is you who has to take care of the baby. Don’t expect otherwise you will surely be disappointed.

    Husbands will party…
  15. Whenever you will be planning to go anywhere and want your baby to sleep well so she will not be cranky, that particular day she will not sleep at all. She will be cranky all day and will make you cry too.
  16. You will think of better staying at home rather than getting embarrassed in front of the whole world about having such a cranky child.
  17. Entire world is ready to shower advice on new mothers. Each and every person you will meet will give you a new parenting advice.
  18. Babies cannot be given water until they are 6 months old. So till that time milk (breast or formula) is the only option they have, whenever they are hungry or thirsty. This activity will always keep you on your toes the entire day.
  19. Whenever you want to rush through feeding because you have to do something important, the baby will vomit. So now you will first have to clean vomit, then the baby, then yourself or bed, and then feed her again. She will not stay hungry.
  20. You will not be having any time left to dress up yourself. Forget make up and looking good for at least a couple of months.

    New mothers do not get the luxury of dressing up and putting on make up.
  21. Being a mother is the best feeling in the world. When your baby smiles you will feel that every effort you took was worthwhile.
  22. The bond between a mother and her child is the strongest in the world.
  23. You are raising an individual who will take care of you and will be by your side whenever you will need her(the way you are with her now)
  24. You are raising your future best buddy.

    Children are friends for life!!!
  25. In spite of all the timely troubles (they are going to pass) motherhood is boon to every female born.
  26. You will feel your child has completed your life. It is your heart which is now walking outside your body.e1