As soon as a baby enters our life, it changes completely. Travelling, which was a fun thing till now, becomes a reason for stress. Every mother of an infant gets jittery at the thought of travelling in a flight with the young one. She always tries to avoid the situation to the maximum ability. If in case you absolutely compulsorily have to travel with an infant, below mentioned are some 25 handy tips which will be useful to you;

  1. All airlines have different minimum age limits for infants travelling with them, it varies from 2-14 days old. Please check with your airline their requirements before booking a ticket with them.
  2. Plan each and every thing in advance like which flight you would take, timings, what will the child eat, necessities etc. If possible start making the baby bag a few days before travelling. This will help you add more things which you may have forgotten but are important.
  3. If your baby is not on breast feeding try and give lukewarm or room temperature milk to the baby fifteen days before travelling. By this act the baby will get used to drinking room temperature milk because in the flight there is no guarantee of availability of hot milk/water.
  4. All the passengers flying international need a passport and visa (depending on the country you are travelling to) including your infant. Get all the paper work sorted a few days before boarding the flight.

    Infants too need passport for international travel.
  5. Some airlines allow you to select a seat at the time of booking. Try and select the bulkhead seat (a row which doesn’t have any rows in front). Try to grab a seat on the aisle so you do not disturb a co-passenger.

    Try to book the bulkhead seat when you are travelling with an infant.
  6. If your baby is more than a year old try to book a ticket and seat for the child. You can place the carry cot or the car seat on that seat after the baby has slept. This will help you sit comfortably in the entire journey.
  7. If the flight isn’t full try to get to more comfortable row/seats.
  8. Now a days you get comfortable infant airplane seats. If you are a frequent flyer this would be a good product for to invest in.

    Infant Airplane Seat – Air Travel with Baby Made Easy
  9. Be careful about the things in the baby bag which you would carry as a hand baggage with you. Airlines have several regulations on the liquids and quantity of baby cream/lotion you can carry. Check with the airlines before boarding.
  10. If you are travelling alone with the baby try to grab a kangaroo bag so you have both the hands free to carry the luggage.

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  11. At the time of take-off and landing feed your baby with breast milk or formula. The gulping down of liquids will open up the closed ears and will not cause discomfort to the baby.
  12. Try to book a flight which doesn’t disturb your baby’s sleeping schedule. This will help her doze off in air without troubling you.
  13. Keep the baby bag well equipped with an extra diaper, a pair of clothes, wipes etc. Don’t fret over finding the essentials at the last moment and harassing your baby and co-passengers further.DiaperBag
  14. Try to keep an extra pair of clothes handy for yourself too, in case the baby pukes or spills something on you.
  15. Carry adequate amount of food for the child. Do not experiment and try to feed the baby whatever she loves the most or milk (breastfed or formula) is best. Take a sufficient quantity in case the flight gets delayed.
  16. Don’t forget to carry your baby’s favorite toy and a new one too if she gets bored playing with the same toy.
  17. My daughter has a blanket without which see doesn’t sleep at all. I never forget to carry that in my hand baggage. Don’t forget carrying similar favorite essentials of your baby.
  18. Carry baby spoon, bibs and napkins. You will not get these things on flights, in case you forget them.
  19. Download some rhymes or music on your phone. This will keep the child engaged and not shout or become cranky.

    You can download rhymes and music for child’s entertainment.
  20. Carry a book for yourself. After your baby is asleep you will need it for your entertainment.
  21. Make sure you put all your details like address and mobile number, on the carry cot and baby bag, in case you lose it someone can inform you about their whereabouts.
  22. Nowadays airlines provide a changing table inside the washrooms where you can clean and change the baby. Try to get a hang of changing the diapers quickly because the space in the washroom is very compact and the baby will not like it there.

    Try to change the soiled diaper as soon as you can.
  23. If the baby is cranky try to walk up and down the plane, this will reduce her anxiety and make her comfortable with the environment.
  24. If you have to change planes try and ask the officials for a courtesy cart to travel between the gates.
  25. Don’t worry the more calm you are the more comfort you will be able to provide to your child.

    Deal with everything life throws at you!!!