My daughter “Mehr” is two now. On May 9, 2016 she achieved this age and since then, in these ten days she has shown many changes each day. She speaks fluently now, with better pronunciations. She has become more independent and is more comfortable with strangers. She has depicted many more behavioral changes too.

Mehr turns two!!!

Child sleeping in the family bed

Mehr has been sleeping with me and my husband since her birth. It was much easier for me to breastfeed her and change her diapers/nappies, so I chose this option.  As she achieved the age of 6 months she started turning a lot in her sleep. I am a light sleeper so I was having disturbed sleep at that point of time.

Child sleeping in the family bed.

During that phase I decided to buy an expandable cot for her which we kept in our room. Like many Indian families we don’t have a dedicated kid’s room in our house. Fortunately we have a big bedroom which could accommodate the cot.

Baby’s new cot

Weaning the baby to her cot

From the time she was seven months I shifted her, to her cot after she slept. She used to wake up at night for different reasons, I catered to her need and when she used to doze off, I would place her in the cot again.

In the beginning she resisted it. As she thought that we are separating her from us but I continued my routine. At that point of time I used to wake up every two hours in the night. Each time she woke up in her cot, she would be scared and cried until me or her dad picked her and put her in our bed.

Baby feeling alone in the cot and crying

Slowly she accepted that we were always there for her and she is sleeping close to us. She is never alone. I made it a point to make her sleep in the cot during daytime also. So that she gets used to the bed.

Baby sleeping in her cot the entire night

As I mentioned earlier that Mehr has shown many changes since she has turned 2. One of the best changes is that now she insists on sleeping in her cot. Now she doesn’t sleep in our bed at all. She insists on putting her, in her cot and dimming the lights of the room. She checks a few times by calling “Mommie” “Mommie” I always reply immediately, to assure her that I am there in the room itself.

Bang!!! after five minutes she sleeps on her own with her favourite blanket. The blanket has helped a lot in this transition.

Baby sleeping peacefully in her cot with her favorite blanket.


At the end I would conclude by saying don’t force your child out of the family bed one fine day. Try to make it a gradual transition. Try to encourage them being independent in their everyday life. Every child is different. They will take their time but as a parent we have to be consistent and stable.

Sooner or later they will surely achieve what we what them to. Just keep on showering love and support upon the child until then.