We all love chocolates and babies are crazy after them. There are several advantages of having chocolates like;

We all love chocolates!!
  1. It gives you a very nice feeling.
  2. It helps in reducing stress.
  3. Chocolates helps in reducing cholesterol level.
  4. It reduces the chances of heart ailments.
  5. It can prevent spreading of cancer viruses because of pentamer which is present in cocoa.
  6. It is good for skin.
  7. It improves blood flow.
  8. It contains anti-ageing properties.

Apart from all these benefits eating too much chocolate has several adverse effects, especially on babies.

Adverse effects of chocolates

Some of the adverse effects of chocolates are;

  1. It can spoil the gums and teeth of children. Chocolate is sticky and gets stuck in the interiors of the mouth. Kids are unable to clean that part in the mouth. As a parent you have to be extra careful when your kid is having chocolate. Clean each and every corner of the mouth or she may develop a cavity.
  2. Chocolates can cause throat infections. Eating too much chocolate can cause various infections and boils in throat of the babies.
  3. Kids may develop sweet tooth and then may reject eating other healthy foods which do not taste as well as chocolates. This will affect the daily nutritional requirements of the baby.
  4. Chocolates contain lots of carbohydrates. This can lead to baby becoming obese from a very young age.

    Too many chocolates can lead to obesity in children.
  5. Chocolate contains caffeine. Caffeine can harm the digestive system of the body. It can cause nausea and vomiting too.
  6. Chocolate being very high in sugar content can advent the occurrence of diabetes.

Be careful while you give chocolates to your kids. Everything in moderation is good but excess of anything can be harmful. No matter how much our kids love chocolates we have to decide when to step our foot down and stop them.

Everything in moderation is good.