My neighbor Sam has a pet dog who is 5 years old now. My daughter Mehr is 2 now. As we both take our child/dog for stroll every evening we wonder how similar it is to have a baby and having a dog.

Few intriguing similarities between a dog and a baby are as follows;

  1. Dogs and babies need to go out every now and then. No matter for what reason, but they need there fun strolls at any cost.
  2. They both are attention seekers. If they love you then they can’t accept you talking to anyone, let alone ignoring them. They think they own you and you are supposed to spend your entire time with them.

    Don’t talk to anyone expect ME!!!
  3. The house will always be messy. If it is your kid then the house will be full of toys spread everywhere and in case of dogs everything in the house will be anywhere but its designated place.
  4. They both love you dearly. The love which a baby and a dog can give you is unparalled. No one can love you more than them.
  5. They accept you the way you are. For them you are their care taker and they are ready to accept your ups, downs and your mood swings. They don’t want to change a thing about you.
  6. They can pee and poop anywhere they wish. You are supposed to clean the house the entire day.
  7. They both are big time cuddlers. Every now and then dogs and babies need a power hug just for fun.
  8. Just forget the night time sleep. Dogs and babies simply can’t get peace at night. They will wake up every now and then for some reason or other.
  9. Your house will always be bustling like a fish market. Both of them are very vocal and loud about everything they need. Your entire day is spent just shouting “NO” but to no help. No one is interested in listening to your NO and still continuing to be notorious.

    Life with a baby/dog
  10. There will never ever be a dull moment in your life. You will be active round the clock. There is “no alone time” luxury for you.
  11. They will always want to eat all the things you don’t want them to eat.
  12. Cleaning will become an integral part of your life. Clean your kid/dog, clean the house, and then clean yourself.
  13. They grow very fast and quick. Both of them keep you so occupied that you feel that they have grown up so fast, as if it was just yesterday that they had entered our lives.
  14. They are god sent angels. Both of them are epitome of innocence.

    hqdefault (2)
    Epitome of Innocence!
  15. Be it a dog or a baby , they are worth dying for. Every moment spent with them is special. Without them our lives are meaningless.