It was my daughter Mehr’s second birthday. Since 15 days, we were very excited about the party as her granddad had planned a grand affair for celebrating her special day at 7:00 pm. Mehr too was very excited and was uttering “Appy Birday” and “Cakeee” in her newly learned language. Everything was perfectly normal till 3:00 pm.

how to celebrate birthday
Birthday celebration for my daughter

As she woke up from her sleep she puked out all she had eaten since morning. I was terrified. I thought may be her breakfast of oats and milk was too heavy on her stomach so she puked. Nevertheless, I cleaned up the entire mess and got her in nice clothes to get ready for lunch.

She was having boiled & mashed vegetables. Two spoons down and bhammm vomit. What is happening man!!! I realized that something is not well. Fine. I cleaned her up once again, now another nice pair of clothes. I thought let me wait for some time before feeding her again. She was thirsty so she drank water and again came vomit. Then again and again and again. She puked four times more. I gave her medicine to stop the vomit but to no help, she puked that too. I thought it’s no time to wait now. Luckily, her doctor was available at that time, so we rushed to see him. He examined her and said that she is having a boil at the opening of her throat.

This boil may be because of having more cold fluids or chocolates. She was well fed with both these things by her loving relatives. He gave her an injection and advised us to not feed her solid food in large quantities. Cakes and chocolates to be avoided.
It was her birthday and she was not supposed to eat the delicacy she was waiting eagerly for! That was the saddest thing for a mother. It broke my heart.

Mother nursing a sick child

We got home I gave her some sugar and curd and she took a small nap after that. I took her in her baby cot to the party venue there I changed her in her party dress. She was a bit uncomfortable but managed. She was very cranky most of the time in the party, but it was still better than what we expected.

She enjoyed the stroll in her mini car (grandad’s gift). I fed her with home cooked food and gave her little cake and noodles (couldn’t control the motherly love). She was not going to her relatives and clung to my lap only, but she was cordial with them. At the end everything progressed well.

Baby having fun in her gift

“Man proposes and god disposes.” It is sad that these things happen but we should not get worked up in these circumstances and try to remain calm. If parents get hassled up in these kind of situations then the kid will become sicker looking at the worried faces of parents. We have to try to be as normal as we can and help our children cope with every situation life throws at us.

At the end everything will go well. Lets not forget there will be many more happy occasions in future. Be positive.

Deal with everything life throws at you!!!