There is nothing in the world which you do not have mother. On this mother’s day I want to give a special gift to you mommie. I know no child can give anything to their mother in comparison to what a mother gives to a child.

Today I will gift you my heartfelt thank you.

Thank you for being the best mom in the world.

Thank you for bringing me in this beautiful world.

Thank you taking care of me when I was a baby, when i was unable to move even a single finger of mine but would only cry for everything.

Thank you for being my shield and protecting me from everything in the world.

Thank you for always believing in me and fighting the entire world only for my happiness.

Thank you for loving me before you loved yourself.thank-you-you-rock--700x400

Thank you for being my emotional blanket. Come what may i always had a shoulder to cry upon who would understand me, support me, encourage me and motivate me to get up and get going again.

Thank for disciplining me. That has made me a stronger human being.

Thank you for those sleepless nights you spent when I was having my exams. It was your exam along with mine. Taking care of my meals and becoming my alarm clock.

Thank you for not giving me everything I wished for, that has taught me the value of money.

Thank you for spending your savings on my clothes and repeating your clothes at functions.

Thank you for always eating after we had finished our meals so that you can serve us piping hot food, in spite of sometimes you being hungrier than us.

Thank you for loving and educating me as you did with brother.

Thank you for always treating all your children equally and not discriminating between them, ever.

There is nothing more I can give on this Mother’s day dear mommie.

I render you a promise of becoming the same mother to my children as you were to us.