We all get very excited seeing our kids and playing with them. All children are apple of eyes for their parents. It is a very pleasant sight to see the kids playing and having fun.

It is very de-stressing to play with the kids those silly baby games. We all are humans and sometimes playing with kids we may get over excited. In our over excitement we can lose our control and can unintentionally harm them.

One of my friends was playing casually with his son. He thought of throwing the child in air and catching him again. He thought the baby will love this air swing. As he was playing this swinging game with the baby after the third round his child slipped from his hands. This error of a second hurt the child badly. The baby went down to the floor banging his head and blood oozed out like a fountain from his head. He had to be hospitalized and got 4 stitches in his head.

Daddy playing with his son!!!

Another incident which shook the daylights off me was, with another friend.

Sunanina was putting the clothes in the washing machine when two year old Raman started pulling his mum’s top, to lift him up. She playfully picked him up and put him in the washing machine tub stating, “Should I put you in today.” She then pulled him out and went ahead finishing the laundry. Her 8 year old son Nirav saw this act. After a month Sunanina went for some grocery shopping leaving both the kids back home and promising to come back in half an hour. As the brothers were playing joyfully Nirav accidently drained the soup kept of the table on Raman. He got scared thinking that when mommie will come back she will scold him for this. He remembered that mommie had put Raman in the washing machine the other day. He opened the tub of machine and put Raman inside the tub. As he was figuring to start the machine to wash his brothers clothes, god sent his daddy home. Raghav opened the door with his key and as he entered the house he started looking for the kids. He went to the washing area looking for them and saw all this happening. He immediately rushed to take Raman out of the machine and saved his life.

Be careful with the kids!!!

We always have to be very careful when we are playing with kids.

Always remember kids are not toys which cannot be hurt. They have to be handled with lot of care and caution.

Parenting does not forgive a single mistake. A tiny mistake of parents can cause great harm to their children.