I have been a student, banker and a retailer too. I will term becoming a mother as the toughest job in the world.

When you are working or studying you deal with people who can express their feelings and thus you can behave with them accordingly. A mother has to deal with a baby who cannot talk. The child does not know what she wants. It is you who has to guess her needs and give her everything, so that she is not cranky.

A mother is supposed to know everything which a child wants!

It is the most thankless job. If you are lucky your grown up child will recognize your efforts, give you some respect for it and take care of you in your old age. This is not compulsory it depends on your fate.  According to the society it is not a big job, being a mother. They will always tell you,“You are not the only mother in the world.” Oh yes totally, I am not the only one but you are not a mother to understand the pains and sacrifices of this job. Do not expect any appreciations or respect for being a good mother. It is your wish to give a good life to your child or not. Rest all around are just your helping hands, they will never share the responsibility with you.

Being a mother is a thank less job

Being a mother you have to take care of every little thing related to the baby. For the society you are the sole care taker of the child. Rest all the people in the family are only credit takers. If your child is misbehaving it is the mother who has not taught manners to the child. If your child is sharp and interactive it is the family which has given a good upbringing.

You are always expected to be a multi tasker. Taking care of the house and family are your primary duties, then comes the care of your child. If you still have some time left in a day then pursue your career.

Modern multi-tasking housewife with multiple hands


As a mother there is not a thing in the world which you will not sacrifice. Your sleep, going to toilet, enjoying a meal, enjoying a holiday, talking on phone, friends, sanity, career, peace and almost everything you love.

Mother has to forget talking on the phone

If you ever say one word against your child the society will readily utter 100 words against her. So as a mother you can’t express anything negative about the child. Come what may, you have to be your child’s shield.

If you are sick then also the child is your responsibility. Rest everyone in the family are mere trophies in the house. One excuse you will hear is we don’t know what she wants and desires. The hidden meaning is please take of YOUR child she is your responsibility not ours.

Your child is nothing more than a source of entertainment or a toy for the adults around. The baby is your responsibility to shoulder.


Learning of being a mother

Being a mother teaches you many things, some them are;

  • The shallowness of people around you.
  • It teaches you to be selfless, to give without expecting anything in return. The reward which you strive for in this job is your child’s smile.
  • It teaches you to be patient. Even if hundred syringes are inserted in your body you still have to be patient and wait for them to be removed without complaining.

    Patience! Patience! Patience!
  • It is a lonely job. People around you are mere statues, it is only you and your child who are present in the world.
  • It teaches you the real essence of life- to be happy in every situation. To look for real happiness in life instead of materialistic happiness.

In spite of all the odds, being a mother is the best feeling in the world. It gives you a feeling of completion. When your child smiles you feel whatever you are doing is worth it and will be happy to do it again only for your happiness, my truly eternal love.