We have a departmental store and it has a dedicated kids section. Filled with toys, games, accessories and many more fun things. Being a doting dad my husband sometimes brings home a toy or two, which he thinks our daughter “Mehr” would love. She gets very amused with gift wrapped things, so yesterday was a treat to her.
Yesterday daddy brought small, little, miniature tea set for Mehr. She was very happy seeing a gift wrapped box. After cherishing the moment she later opened it up to find her little tea set. She did not know how to use it.

Tea set for kids

Her grandfather and daddy filled up the tea pot and started pouring water into the little cups and saucers. She jumped with joy at this sight. She started shouting “Tea” “Tea”. We all burst out in laughter seeing her joy.

After dinner we all sat at the dinner table. Mommie, daddy, uncle, grand dad and grand mom. Now began the tea with Mehr session. She joyfully served tea to each and every member and we were enjoying asking for more and more. It was such a cheerful and energetic atmosphere in our house. Every one laughing and asking for more tea from the little tea vendor.

We get stuck up in our busy lives so much that we forget to live. Our children teach us to live the beautiful life again. They pull out the child within us, whom we have trapped behind the worldly shackles. We should try and cherish god’s gift to us – our children and life.

Each day take out some time as Family time

Try and take some time out every day to play with your children. Just forget every stress you have and become a part of their innocent world. Kids do not need our millions but our time. They want their parents to join them in their little harmless games and be their partners.

Become a child with a baby