The world we live in, is a world of convenience. We offer many more facilities to our children in comparison to what we got as kids. It is a very comfortable life for these kids.

The best thing about life is, it does not come with a guarantee or a warranty, anything can happen at any time. I have seen many Riches to Rags real life examples. This left me wondering shouldn’t we train our kids to be ready to face all kinds of situations in life? We as parents should try and teach them not to be slaves of this comfortable life. If tomorrow, god forbid, we cannot afford the lavish lifestyle they should be able to accept the situation on hand. We can ensure this by teaching the kids THE VALUE FOR MONEY!

Easy ways to teach kids the value for money;

Below mentioned are some ways to help teach a child that money doesn’t grow on trees;

We have inculcated the habit of putting money in the piggy bank since my daughter “Mehr” was 6 months old. Whenever some guests would visit us they always used to give some cash to her as a parting gift. She has since then seen us put all that cash in her piggy bank. Now she knows that every time she receives some money she is supposed to put that in her piggy bank and later when it is filled, she can buy anything which she desires.

Gifting the child a Piggy bank


My daughter is blessed to be the child of a departmental store owner. We have an entire section of baby products & toys in our store. Each time she visits the store she collects some stuff which is of no use to her, but she loves and insists on taking it home. Her dad lets her do that comfortably. I do not encourage this behaviour I make sure that she keeps the stuff back, by making her understand that it is of no use to her. By pursuing her that we can’t afford it and at the end by just not taking it at all even if she is persistent. By this I am sending a message that mum and dad cannot buy her whatever she wishes for. She has learn to manage with all that she has and if she wants more she has to explain the reason behind it.

Kids love to buy stuff which is of no use to them but appealing to their eyes!


  • Whenever we pay at any place like a restaurant, gas station, grocery market etc. we hand her the cash or card to pay for. Then she is supposed to take the bill and give it to us. By this she learns that we are paying for each and everything which we use nothing in the world comes FREE!children-money-.jpg


  • Whenever there is a celebration at home birthdays, anniversaries etc., we make it a point to take her and donate at some orphanage. She sees that there are kids who do not enjoy the comforts of life which she is privileged for. This act will always keep her grounded and render a helping hand to those in need.6a00e54fbb4092883401a3fcda7902970b.png

These are some of the ways in which we teach her the value of money. It is very important that the child should understand and be thankful for all the facilities they enjoy.

It is not their birth right but the luxury which their parents are giving them.

Feel free to add your ways of teaching the kids the value for money.