The society in which we live in, doesn’t rejoice the birth of a daughter as much as they do on birth of a son. I being a mother of a beautiful angelic two year old daughter, will like to share with the world the joys of having a daughter;

  1. My world is full of colors; pink, lilacs, greens and all possible colors and their variants. The clothes she wears, the stuff she uses and everything which she touches is full of vibrancy and beauty.
  2. I can try innumerable fashions with her. She can wear frocks, skirts, jeans, Capri, hat, caps, shirts, t-shirts, spaghetti, off shoulder, bustier, harem pants, dungarees and many more stylish stuff.

    Mother-Daughter Fashion
  3. I can use so many accessories to dress her. All types of pins, buckles, hair bands, shoes, earrings, nail polish and much more.
  4. My house is full of flowers, Barbie’s, doll houses, soft toys and more docile and cute stuff, instead of guns,cars, war toys, darts and more violent toys.

    Girly toys v/s Boyish toys
  5. She is very sweet and docile. If you raise a voice she will immediately stop the wrong she is doing. She is very easy to discipline.
  6. I can change in the front of her. I take a shower in front of her.
  7. She is very social and has lots of friends. There is lot of chatter banter in my house.
  8. We are going to share all the boyfriend talks in the future.
  9. I will understand all the physiological changes that will occur in her life. I will be in a better position to help her cope with them.
  10. She will be my friend for life. She will always understand me and my illogical feelings. We both will be each other’s “shoulder to cry upon”.
  11. Even after getting married she will always care and worry about me as she does now because “A son is son till he gets his wife a daughter is daughter all her life
    Daughter is a friend for life!!!


Daughters are god’s blessing on us. I am the proud mother of a daughter and wish each mother gets the opportunity to raise a beautiful daughter.

Daughter are the lamps which destroy the webs of darkness in our lives!!!Angel-daughter