Post the delivery not only does the mother give birth to a new baby, but her body also goes through a reincarnation phase. The first 40 days post delivery is of utmost importance. If one doesn’t take care of her body at this crucial junction then you will surely repent it for life.

First few days of delivery


Things to keep in mind during first 40 days of delivery.

  1. Rest, rest and more rest.

The mother’s body loses lot of blood post-delivery. The body becomes very weak and feeble. The more rest you take and less physical activity you do is better to recuperate sooner. Let the household work be taken care by someone else be it your mother, mother-in-law or maid but not you.

Newborn baby sleeping
Rest a lot post deivery
  1. Try to wear loose clothes that do not hurt your stiches. Try avoiding pants, leggings and other fit bottoms and get comfortable in breastfeeding gowns or normal gowns.

    Loose Breastfeeding gowns


  1. During these 40 days you will not be able to sleep well. The baby will love getting up and playing at night, disturbing your sleeping patters. Till the time the baby’s sleep schedule is set, try and sleep whenever your baby is asleep. This is the only way to catch on the sleep.

    Sleep whenever your baby sleeps
  2. Do not lift heavy objects.This is the most important thing during these few days. If you lift heavy object, even a bucket filled with water, then you may have an acute back problem all your life. Knee pain, back pain, headaches are common problems experienced by mothers who do not take proper care during these crucial days.
Do not lift heavy things!!!



  1. Get a masseur for first 40 days. Along with your baby you also need good massage to increase your blood circulation and soothe the tired body.

    Get regular massage to increase blood circulation and soothe the tired body!!



  1. Eat all the healthy post-delivery foods. Drinking ajwain or carom seeds water can increase milk secretion in the breasts. Fenugreek (methi), Fennel seeds (Saunf), cumin seeds (Jeera), Sesame seeds (til) should be used more in the diet to increase the milk production and speeding up the healing process.

    Eat easily digestible foods


  1. Take care of the stitches. If you had episiotomy or caesarean delivery than sit in tub of hot water with little disinfectant to soothe the pain. If you have lot of pain then you can use an ice pack wrapped in a towel to soothe it. Regularly apply a disinfectant cream to prevent any infection.

    Take a hot water bath to soothe the pain of the stitches!



  1. Try to put cotton in your ears during these days. Direct air in your ears can cause headaches and discomfort.

    Put cotton in your ears to protect the body from direct air.


  1. Try and get used to the breastfeeding regime. If you are a first time mother than it can be difficult for you to cope with sore nipples, engorged breasts, leaks etc. With time you will get used to it.

    Baby sucking the nipple of the mother’s breast.


  1. Do some light pelvic exercises. It helps against accidental urine leaks, vagina healing, increasing blood circulation in the perineum.powerplate0564.jpg



  1. Spend some me time. Enjoy little quality time with your husband, or talk to a friend or relative to release the post-partum stress.

    Enjoy some me time to relieve some stress.

Please be very careful about all the above mentioned things. Adhering to them will help you in living a very good future life.