As the summer begins to set its foot, it is very necessary to keep yourself and the entire family well hydrated. The body losses a lot of water in summer through perspiration and urination, so it is very important to recharge the fluid levels in the body.

The best summer drinks to quench thirst are as follows;

  1. Water

The first and foremost fluid that can recharge your body is Water. Water is the source of life. It regulates the body temperature, prevents constipation and urinary tract infections.

His parents stress the importance of recycling
Drink as much water as you want to beat the heat


  1. Lemonade

Lemonade protects you from heat stroke. Lemon is the best source of vitamin C. If you are drinking a lemonade from the market, then be careful with the amount of sugar added in the drink.

For better results try and make a lemonade at home simply by squeezing 1-2 lemons, little salt, little powdered sugar, dash of mint (pudina) and water/soda. Your healthy lemonade is ready.

Lemonade to recharge your body fluids


  1. Milk Shakes

Milk is rich in calcium, essential proteins, magnesium and vitamin B12 and B2. Milk can be taken in various forms like fruit milk shakes (apple, banana, strawberry). Dry fruit shakes (mix dry fruits, Almond), smoothies etc. Whatever suits your need the best.

Milkshake with a scoop of ice cream is a summer treat


  1. Fruit juices

Fruit juices are best for those kids who do not eat fruits at all. On any given day eating a whole fruit is better than drinking it. But “something is always better than nothing”. Kids should be given not more than ¾ cup of fruit juice everyday anything more than that will fill up their tummy eventually cutting down their whole food intake.

Healthy fruit juices for kids


  1. Coconut water

Coconut water is a rich source of all the essential minerals and vitamins. It restores the natural salts in the body which are lost due to dehydration.

Coconut water to restore the lost salts of the body


  1. Health drinks

You can add little bit of fruit juice, vegetable juice, sugar, holy basil(tulsi), mint in cold water jug and drink it at regular intervals entire day. There are many more recipes for health drinks available in the market. These health drinks remove the harmful toxins from your body.

Health drinks to remove the toxins from the body


  1. Yogurt drinks, probiotics, prebiotics, cultured dairy drinks

These drinks protect the body from harmful gut bacteria. Just check the amount of sugar content and expiry date. Hot climate reduces the restoring capacity of these drinks.

Bowl with power packed yoghurt


  1. Vegetable juice

If the kids are not keen on eating vegetables than soups are a good option. In summers one doesn’t prefer soups so you can try veggie juices like tomato, carrot or combination of veggies to beat the heat.

Combination of fruit & vegetable juices


  1. Soya/Almond/Rice milk

For the people who can’t drink the usual milk then these types of milk are a good option to substitute the requirement of milk in daily diet.



  1. Iced tea or cold coffee

These are summer substitutes for the tea and coffee addicts. In summer one doesn’t feel the need to drink hot beverages but they have to satiate their addiction for tea and coffee too. Cooler versions of tea and coffee can suffice their needs.

Summer drinks for all the tea and coffee lovers



Have a lovely summer!!!