When we say Diapers or Pull up pants it is imperative that each and every parent would be knowing most things about them. Still some people are confused about the concept and new parents don’t know about them at all.

The basic difference between diapers and pull up pants is the elastic. Pull pants have elastic at the waist area which adjusts itself to child’s waistline and diapers have to be folded like an envelope around the kids waistline.

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Pull up/Training pants has elastic for the waistline
Diapers are supposed to be enveloped around the waistline

Diapers are usually used for infants and pull pants for older babies.

Pull up pants are easier to manage one just pulls it down and up again, period. While for properly tying the diapers you need a table to place your child on because if the diapers are tied loosely they may fall or leak, and if they are tight the baby will feel the pressure on her tummy making her very uncomfortable and cranky.

Baby placed on a changing table to wear diaper

Pull up pants are also known as Training pants because they are the first step to potty train your kid. The baby gets used to the concept of pulling down the pants and urinating or passing the stools and pulling them up again. The concept is similar to normal underwear of the adults –pulling down and pulling up again.

Baby gets used to the concept of pulling down the pants like underwear

When my daughter was three months old I made her wear diapers. She was not much comfortable with it but would manage. My daughter was a total colicky baby. She had gas problems and constipation. One day on a friend’s suggestion I tried switching from diapers to pull up pants. It worked wonders for her. As the elastic adjusts itself around the baby’s tummy so she was not feeling the pressure of wrap up diapers. Her colic problem also reduced as the pants were not pushing her tummy, they just clung to it.

So if your baby is colicky try using pull up pants instead of diapers.

Remember: Once you switch from diapers to pull up pants don’t use diapers again. It will confuse the baby as to what is she supposed to observe and learn.

Some Good Recommended Diapers and Pants are: Huggies, Pampers,  Libero and Mamy Poko Pants: