Babies develop nails in their mother’s womb itself. As they grow older, day by day these nails also grow. In fact babies’ nails grow faster than adults. Young infants tend to scratch their faces a lot and these nails can cause many rashes or injuries.

Baby can scratch their faces like this

Many parents are scared to cut these nails fearing they may hurt the baby, but someone has to do it nah!

Best time to cut nails

The best time to cut babies nails is while they are asleep. At this time they will move less so you can trim the nails easily.

I prefer cutting them after the bath. After the bath nails tend to become softer, making it easy to cut/trim them.

How to cut/trim baby’s nails

There are many products available in the market like baby scissors or clippers. According to me the best tool to trim the nails is the normal nail cutter used by adults. After trying special baby nail scissor and clipper, I found the normal adult nail cutter most convenient and easy to handle. They are bit sharp but because of this it is easy and faster to cut nails.It is just you have to be bit more careful.

Baby nail clipper/cutter and scissors available in the market
Nail cutter for adults

Place the baby in your laps.Hold her finger firmly, gently pressing the finger pad away from the nails. Slowly start cutting the nails from one finger curve to another. Make sure you see the entire nail properly. Always cut baby’s nails in a well lightened area.For all the fingers of hands same procedure should be followed. For toe nails, just cut those, straight and later with an filer smooth out the edges.

Some people cut baby nails with their mouth. It is a very unhygienic way of doing it because one can transmit the germs from mouth into the baby’s body. While they trim nails with their mouths they are unable to see what they are doing exactly, leading to more chances of biting the finger’s skin.

If you do it with confidence then you will surely not hurt your baby. Don’t be scared. Even if you accidentally cut a little skin of the finger just press it tightly and wash the hand under cold water. Try not to put a bandage on it because if the baby puts her hand in the mouth the bandage can cause infections. You can put a little turmeric powder to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding continues for more than a 10-15 minutes then it is best to consult a doctor.

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