I had a c-section delivery so my first day went somewhat like this.

In the morning I was supposed to reach the hospital early. I was expecting the operation at 9:00 a.m so I had reached my hospital at 7:00 a.m. This is done so one gets used to the atmosphere and surroundings of the hospital. Post –delivery, for a few hours i would in nausea because of the effect of anesthesia, so at that time I should be comfortable with my surroundings. As the time of delivery approached, I was taken on a stretcher, wearing only the hospital’s surgery gown, into the operation theater. The operation went smoothly. The baby was checked thoroughly and by god’s grace she was perfectly fine so she came with me to my room.

Here I must add that, the first time you see your baby, post the wait of nine months, is beyond words. It is the best feeling in the world nothing absolutely nothing in the world can come close to that joy.

The first time a mother experiences the touch of her baby

Moving ahead, I was semi- conscious and was taken on a stretcher to my room while the nurse brought my daughter Mehr to the room. She was put in the cradle and I was shifted to the bed. Post the surgery a catheter (tube) was attached to my vagina. For next 24 hours i was unable to move. The catheter (tube) helped me pass the urine even without me realizing it. I did not get a feeling to pass the stools till next 48 hours because of the surgery. Till the time I was under the effect of  anesthesia I did not not realize any pain. Post it lot of pain killers were continued because the pain of c-section was immense.

If you wish to breastfeed your baby the nurse will help you and the baby to suck the nipples one by one. Milk will not be secreted in the breasts till 2-3 days but this sucking is important. If the baby is not used to sucking the milk out of the breasts then she will not suck it even after the milk has come into the breasts.

Baby sucking the nipple of the mother.

Every two hours the baby was given formula milk and before that the sucking of the breasts was done. I was thoroughly guided by my doctor on the correct way of holding the baby, handling the baby and her genitals etc. One day old baby is very feeble and extremely sensitive so I was supposed to be completely vigilant. A little mistake could have led to bad consequences.

During the day all my friends and relatives came to visit me and my bundle of joy. It was advised not to talk too much, if possible don’t talk at all until it is utmost important. I was supposed to conserve whatever little energy i had for the night.

Now comes the most important and challenging time of the day. Most of the babies sleep through the entire day only to be awake at night. It is very important to have an experienced mother by your side at-least for the first night. The babies are not used to this world and its atmosphere. They panic when they are awake. Most of the babies will cry the entire night because of this panic. You also tend to panic wondering what to do or not to do?

bambina che piange
Baby crying

At this time the helper will have to take the baby in the arms and keep on strolling in the passage. If your husband will be your helper for the night, then it wouldn’t be of much help. As males tend to panic more at the sight of crying babies. So try and arrange an experienced mother like your mother, mother-in-law or some elderly person who has had a good experience of handling babies. The baby will pass stools and urinate several times, so the helper will be able to help with that also. No nurse can compare to an experienced close one to take care of the baby. Since the baby was so cranky I could not sleep either, that is the reason it was advised to talk less and catch on the sleep in the day while she was sleeping. After all this the day ended to mark the dawn of a new beginning in life.

Post reading about the experience I will suggest the new mothers to be calm and not to worry at all. No matter how difficult it is, it will surely pass. Slowly and gradually you and your baby will learn to cope with each others needs and peace shall prevail.

The real reason to write this post is to tell the new mothers what to expect post their delivery. Don’t panic, be calm. Parenting is worth every trouble you take for your baby.Happy_baby.jpg




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