We always have to be fully alert and on our toes after being a parent. These little naughty brats are always at some mischief without worrying about the consequences.

Today I am writing this article to help the readers be aware of the probable accidents which can happen with kids. Please feel free to add your own experiences so that more and more people can be careful about these things.

Some of my experiences with accidents are as follows;

  • One day I and my (then) six month old daughter Mehr were playing on a mat with her toys. We were having lots of fun and I became a little bit overjoyed. At a point I was moving away from her and she insisted to join me so I pulled her, with her hand. Now this is a very normal gesture as we pull someone with their hand just to bring them closer. This act DISLOCATED her elbow. She was crying her hearts out and could not move her hand at all. At that time my pediatrician was out of town. That was one of the worst moments of my life. After making a few calls I got hold of a good orthopedic and I explained the case to him. He said the bones of kids are very soft and nibble. A little jerk at the wrong position can lead to such dislocation.SO NEVER PULL YOUR BABY WITH HER HAND. Just pick her up from her shoulders. He did not give her any medication but made a few twists here and twirls there and put the elbow back in its position. He said since the bones are soft it is possible to readjust but don’t try it at home because it requires expert supervision.

    Wrong position to pull the baby with the hand
  • One of my friends Madhu’s 3year old daughter was playing casually with her ball in the drawing room. They had bought a new TV and had kept it on a table till the time it was wall mounted. Now Ria (Madhu’s daughter) hit the TV accidentally with her ball. The TV came falling down on her. This fall hemorrhaged
    her brain and doctors could not save Ria.
  • My uncle Arun’s grandson 2 year old Agastya was playing in the room. He had a bad habit of putting everything in his mouth. That fateful day when he came out from the room he was laughing a lot and the surroundings around his mouth were wet as if he had drank something. Uncle Arun smelt something fishy, he ran to him and asked him what had he drank and he didn’t say anything. He rushed to the room and saw the bottle of after-shave on the floor. He had drank the aftershave. Agastya had to stay in the hospital for a month to be fully well.
  • Our neighbour’s 3 year old daughter accidentally gulped an entire green chilli. The chilli choked her leading to her death.
  • Kids love climbing stairs and many horrific accidents happen when they try to climb down the flight of stairs. Climbing up is fairly simple for them but on the way down they get confused leading to falls.

This is my earnest request to all, please be very very careful with kids we can’t even imagine what can go wrong with the normal appearing plays. Don’t rely on others like maids, helpers, grandparents or anyone else. Our kids are our responsibility and we have to shoulder it come what may.

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