It is very important to train your kid to pass their stools at its appropriate place. Some people start training the babies as early as they reach the age of 2 months. As soon as your baby gets up from her nap just make her stand at the sink pulling her pants down. You can make a “Shhh shhh shh” (urinating sound) or start a little bit of tap for the running water. This will help them associate the sound with the command of urinating.

As soon as the kid becomes six months old you can make her sit on a “Potty pot” for her urine and stools. This will help her understand that urine and potty are supposed to be done at their specific place not anywhere they wish.

How to encourage the baby to sit on the potty pot and excrete;

To encourage your baby to sit on the potty pot and excrete there, you can do the following;

  • Give her the favorite toy to play with till the time she is on the potter.
  • Keep the potty pot in front of the television set, laptop, or music system and play some cartoon rhymes so that she can be entertained without releasing that she is being trained.
  • Give her some munchies like Puffed rice (Mamra), biscuits etc, so that she doesn’t feel bored sitting there ideally.Just make sure to stop this habit when the child is fully trained.
  • Sit with her for a few days so that she doesn’t feel alone and encourage her to urinate on the potter. Make sure to clap and appreciate her on successful  completion of the act.
  • In case of a baby boy the father and in case of baby girl the mother can sometimes take the kid to the bathroom with them. Make the child sit on the potter and show them that Mom & Dad also excrete the same way. This will send encouraging signs to the baby.

After your child is potty trained you can make her sit on her potter every hour, even without her telling you to do so. This will stop her from urinating in her pants. Sitting on the potty pot immediately after the naps should be compulsory. Kids usually pass the stools after the naps and if she is sitting on the potter at that time, she can apply better pressure in this position. This will help her to clear her bowel completely and getting ready for her meals.

Making these acts a compulsion in the routine will soon make them a habit.

Sometime around 9 -10 months the baby will start signaling her to sit on the potter by touching her vital organs or by saying “SuSu” or something else. At this time you can try diaper free days as she is starting to control her nature’s call to reach the toilet.

When the baby reaches the age of 1.5 – 2 years you can now start the transition from potty pot to the potty seat. This transition will be less difficult for the potty trained kids.


Potty seat

Potty Training Toilet Ladder Seat Steps

REMEMBER; No matter how perfectly trained the baby is, occasional accidents will happen. Don’t be very harsh on the child when these happen, but just tell her that she is not supposed to urinate or excrete in her pants.