One of my friends Rita (my childhood friend) called me the other day. It was long since we had a good heart to heart conversation. The conversation started casually leading to the kids. Destiny has played very closely with us as she got married on 19 May 2001 and I got married on 1 May 2001. She delivered her baby girl on 30 April 2014 and my baby girl is born on 9 May 2014.

So both the kids are almost same age. She was discussing that her daughter Vanisa at 1.5years is still not accepting solid food. She still likes her food to be diluted and given to her. Diluted food is for infants above 6 months as they don’t have teeth to chew. Vanisa has 10 teeth now. She also complained of her reduced diet and her love for only milk. Milk is not complete meal and overdose of milk in the diet can cause side effects like constipation, allergy and more.

This is a worrying trend in the society. When my daughter Mehr was giving me feeding tantrums I did all the things possible in the world showing her mobile videos, music, playing with her in the garden and much much more. But slowly and gradually this forced feeding was taking a toll on her appetite, which was reduced a lot. At that time my doctor advised me giving her Cypon syrup- Hunger inducing medicine. This medicine enhances the hunger of children and the kid eventually learns to love food.

Cypon Drops – Hunger inducing Medicine


I used Cypon when my daughter was 9 months old. I used to give her 3ml half an hour before every meal. I made sure that the food was absolutely ready 20 minutes after giving her Cypon. I used it for 6 months. Then Mehr’s diet plan was ready. At 1.5 years my daughter is now eating same food as the family. She eats everything and whenever she is hungry she asks for food.

This is a boon for a parent if the child asks for food when hungry.

Parental Tip;

Please do not be wary of feeding these helpful medicines. There are absolutely no side effects of this medicine if taken in proper dosage with doctors consult, I can truly vouch for it. It hurts me a lot when fellow moms tell me that whenever we return from parties our kids did not eat anything. They always tell me that till the time the baby is active it is fine if she is not eating properly. THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE. Eventually the child’s appetite will reduce, making her weak and susceptible to diseases. When we eat full tummy when we go to a party, then it is our duty as parents to ensure our child also enjoys a hearty meal.