The needs of the babies are simple; Food, Sleep, Play and Love. That’s all they want.It is very important for a parent to set a schedule for the baby, as it will help you to manage your daily routine with your child’s needs.

BABIES LOVE ROUTINE. If there is a schedule in place for the baby it will be a comforting thing for both; the child and the parent. A routine helps baby to know what will happen next.

According to expert pediatricians, at the age of 3-4 months the needs of the baby tend follow a pattern. As soon as your baby reaches the age of 3 months you can start looking for patterns in between feeds and naps. Usually when the baby’s stomach is full they tend to be drowsy.  If they wish to sleep let them. If they are not very sleepy let them play, sometimes well fed child sleeps on its own while playing (this will help him develop a habit of sleeping on his own).

Each child is different and as a parent it is your duty to look for the cues of his needs. As soon as the baby sleeps you can manage the free time for daily household chores or watching television. Listening to music or just doing some meditation and enjoying the precious “ME TIME”.

A Sample baby schedule for a 16 month child would be as follows;

  • As soon as the baby wakes up at 8:00 am feed him with milk.

  • Let him play for an hour or two.

  • Provide heavy breakfast like oats, porridge, fruit juice etc at around 10:00 am

  • Some more play time.

  • A good bath between 12:00pm – 1:00pm.

  • As soon the baby is freshened up he will feels drowsy as he is tired playing and is well fed too.

  • Put him to bed. Let him sleep for two to three hours as he wishes in a silent, semi-dark room.

  • Fed him Lunch when he gets up. (an 18 month eats the same lunch as the family)

  • Take him to the park for an hour or so.

  • As soon as you return from the park feed something light like 2 bananas or bread n cheese slice.

  • Now let him rest a little for half n hour or so.

  • When he gets up give him dinner.

  • Let the baby enjoy some family time with daddy (as he would be back home till this time)

  • Freshen up the baby by giving him a sponge bath. Give him a gentle cream massage. This will help baby know that it’s time to sleep. Slip him in a night dress.

  • Tuck him in. Tell/read him a bed time story or caress him to sleep.

REMEMBER a well fed and well slept baby is a healthy and happy child.

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