As the season changes all the babies tend to get sick. They start suffering from cold, cough and fever. The reason behind this is, they are not accustomed to the rapid changes in the atmosphere around them. The temperature in mother’s womb is approximately 38 degree Celsius and when infants enter this world they are exposed to temperatures varying that cozy environment. Because of this change in the environment their body takes time to adjust itself making them sick.

Remedies to tackle the ailing baby;

The best way to tackle the seasonal sickness is to wait and watch. If the baby gets much irritated or is having trouble in taking breath from her nose then try different home remedies to soothe the baby, some of them are as follows;

  • Dry roast some Ajwain or Carom seeds and bundle it up in a handkerchief. Keep this bundle near the baby. The aroma of this bundle will help the baby to breathe through the stuffy nose.
  • Garlic can also be used in place of Ajwain or Carom seeds.
  • Apply small amount of Vicks on the chest, lower back and nostrils of the baby after the kid has slept.
  • Keep the baby fully covered when going out of the house, with mittens, socks and skull cap. This will protect her/him from the breeze.happy child

If all these home remedies do not help your baby’s sickness then you can see a doctor or use some cough n cold syrup.

Visiting a Doctor is the last option

These seasonal ailments will pass away only when the child’s body fully cops with the outside environment, so no medicines will help in treating it completely.  Till then it is better to wait and try avoiding jumping to the medicines every now and then. Sooner or later the kid’s body will develop resistance to these medicines and then you will have to switch to higher dosages which may have bad reactions.

So be patient and help your baby to adjust with the changing weather.

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