My baby was a colicky baby. She used to become very cranky at times and only Colic-aid (colic/gas soothing medicine) could soothe her back to normal. Many people advised me to use gripe water to get rid of this problem except my pediatrician, who was always against it.
What is Gripe Water?
Gripe water is a medicinal liquid given to infants. It contains alcohol in its ingredients, but nowadays non-alcoholic forms are also readily available in the market. The primary ingredients of gripe water are bicarbonate, ginger, fennel seeds, dill and water. It helps in soothing the baby’s discomfort risen due to gastrointestinal trouble, colic or teething pain.
Is Gripe Water safe for infants?
Many doctors advise against using gripe water for infants. If you ask them a specific reason for the same they always tell you burping is a better option. No doctor has a specific reason as to why not to use gripe water. Believe me Gripe water is very effective in soothing colic and teething pain in babies.
I started giving my daughter Woodwards Gripe water which is non -alcoholic, since she was two months old.

Non alcoholic gripe water
Woodwards gripe water

Within these two months i had gone to three different doctors for her colic trouble and every time i received the same answer of, making her burp and using colic aid. Which was not very effective and the problem still persisted. After using gripe water i never went to see a doctor for any of her colic troubles. Gripe water helps in avoiding building colic in the baby. It effectively chanelises the gas out from the baby’s body.
So i (from personal experience) can advise in favor of using GRIPE WATER for infants.