After delivering my baby girl I had become 20kgs overweight. It was a depressive sight each time seeing myself in the mirror. Looking at actresses like Malaika Arora Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Angelina Jolie, Miranda Kerr, I only dreamed of getting anywhere close to looking as stunning as they looked. After lot of efforts, now i have successfully managed to reduce 15 kgs. But still a long way to go before looking like these beautiful actresses.

I felt the need to share my weight reduction methods with all fellow mothers, which has helped me regain my figure, to an extent.


Green tea is laden with health benefits. If you wish to reduce weight, then you should always drink Green Tea on empty stomach. Starting your day with Green tea will help cleanse your system effectively. You can drink as many cups as you wish in rest of the day, more the better. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and can do wonders for your skin and hair too. Many people do not like the taste of Green tea, well I can say start, and after sometime you won’t hate it. Although if you go for a flavored Green Tea options like the Twinings Jasmine & Camomile, or any such variant, the bitterness in these is much lesser.

Switch your cooking oil to OLIVE OIL

Olive oil is a very healthy option to cook your food. It doesn’t add to your body fat as much as any regular Cottonseed, Sunflower, Groundnut, Coconut or any other oil would do.

There are 4 types of Olive oils available in the market the essential differences between them are as follows;

Types of Olive Oil Flavor Suitable for Color Density
Extra Virgin Olive oil It is full of flavor because of the best quality olives used in making it Salads dressings and pizza/bread brushing Dark green closest to olive’s natural color Thick. If dipped, can easily coat the back of the spoon.
Virgin Olive Oil It does not have as much flavor as Extra Virgin , but is still rich in olive flavor Low temperature cooking like making prathas or rotis etc Light green Fluid. If dipped, can coat the back of the spoon but will start dripping slowly.
Refined Olive Oil It has very little flavor of olives Higher temperature cooking like Tadka or shallow frying. Tinge Of green Liquid. If dipped will slowly drip from the back of the spoon.
Pomace Olive Oil It is made from different varieties of olives so this one is the least flavorful out of all. It can endure high temperature cooking and can be used for deep frying. Very light green Free flowing like regular oils.

This transition will help in reducing your weight in a very healthy way.

Everything in Moderation is GOOD

Do not starve yourself, but eat wisely. Always eat whatever you wish to eat but only in small quantities. If you elude yourself from eating your favorite foods today, you would eventually hog on them in future.

Go for a walk with your baby

Walking is the best form of exercise. You can go for a brisk walk with your stroller to a park in the morning or in the evening or both. The baby will also enjoy looking around greenery and fellow kids and you will have your daily dose of exercise.

Fast for at least a day in the week

Fasting once a week will keep your internal organ systems active,clean and running. The body metabolism cleans and throws out all the accumulated waste from the system. Moreover, fasting helps in controlling hunger urges.

Always look for healthy options

Try to find out healthy options for all the unhealthy and fattening foods. If you like pasta, eat durum wheat or whole wheat pasta. Try and eat as many salads as you can. Salads are the best source of fiber and proteins and low on unwanted carbohydrates.

This regime has helped me achieve my goals and it would be great to know that if this helps you too.

Bye for now.