Hi all the beautiful mothers,

My one year old baby is a regular customer of PAMPERS. I have used both Pampers ACTIVE BABY DIAPERS AND PAMPERS PANTS, on my baby since a year now.
I feel the babies who have any kind of gastric trouble like loose motions, excessive gas, cramps in the stomach or constipation feel better comfort in the pants style of diapers
Anyways, coming back to the original topic.

I once ordered PAMPERS PANTS MEDIUM SIZE FROM A LEADING E-COMMERCE SITE . To my great astonishment these PAMPERS PANTS looked very different from the ones which I have been regularly using on my toddler. Whenever she wore this variety she would cry inconsolably and later eventually she developed a nasty DIAPER RASH.

SO I CONCLUDED THAT THESE PAMPERS PANTS WERE FAKE. And started finding the differences between an original diaper and a fake diaper;

    1. In the original PAMPERS DIAPERS SIZE NB, S, M, L OR XL or PAMPERS PANTS SIZE NB. S. M. L OR XL the diaper is much larger in length than the fake one. The taller diapers keep the accumulated baby urine at a comfortable distance away from the baby’s genitals.
    2. Both the ears of the TEDDY BEAR on the front side of the diaper should be orange in color.
    3. There should be an orange line running across the curves of the diaper(the portion which touches the inner legs of the baby)

      Difference between a real and fake pampers pants
      Difference between a real and fake pampers pants
    4. The material of the original PAMPERS ACTIVE BABY DIAPERS and PAMPERS PANTS is much softer and smoother than the fake one.

  1. The elastic of the Pampers pants (which covers the baby’s stomach) is much softer than the elastic of the fake.
  2. These differences can very well be seen on the package on the diaper itself. You can mark these differences on the picture of the diaper worn by the baby on the pack itself.
  3. The diaper worn by the baby on the package will not have orange eared teddy nor will you see the orange line running across if it is a fake diaper.

That’s all mothers I hope you don’t get cheated the way I got.